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We facilitate data protection by meeting your organizational needs.
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Dossier Grip helps you in maintaining a backup of all your personal data and restoring it anytime you want in the future.


Have a look at the various service plans Dossier Grip has for you in store. Call us and select a plan which you like the most.


Dossier Grip offers user-friendly solutions that facilitate data protection for your businesses.


Addressing the needs of various enterprises, Dossier Grip provides end-to-end protection for their data.

About Us

Dossier Grip aims to provide personal, business, and enterprise cloud backup and recovery. We are a one-stop solution for services that cater to data protection. We have expertise in managing all your data and ensuring you get it back anytime you want. The set of advanced tools and technologies has helped us provide data security, reliability, manageability, and affordability for various businesses. We want to help our clients in getting the maximum results from their businesses by facilitating the data security mechanisms.

What We offer

Saas File Discovery

We help you get easy access to all your files, documents, photos etc. Dossier Grip has made it convenient for you to search across platforms such as Dropbox, Facebook etc. Also, it has become easier to discover and access data from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Storage Types

There are various ways by which we can store the data. In order to facilitate the needs of our clients, Dossier Grip brings to you the latest storage solutions such as hot storage, cold storage, and hybrid storage. Choose as per your interests and requirements.

Backup Everything

We have data on various platforms such as smartphones, computers, tablets, external drives, servers, network devices and even cloud services, such as Dropbox. Dossier Grip Cloud Backup serves as a one-stop location for all your data.

Automatic Protection

Get rid of all worries related to data protection with the automatic protection feature. Just upload the data and let our experts do the rest. All the necessary manipulations related to data security will be taking place within the service platform.


With Dossier Grip, you are flexible to run backups continuously or on schedule. It is a well known fact that the decreasing IT budgets and the ever increasing number of endpoints associated with the corporate network have affected a lot of devices.
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SaaS Data Protection

Another growing technology, SaaS, works on bettering the data handling capabilities. You always want to have all your data on a single location. Isn’t it? Using Dossier Grip SaaS Data Protection services, protect your business-critical data loss and stay productive.
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Remote Restore

Dossier Grip wants you to know about remote restore function, a cloud backup solution that enables backup, storage and recovery of all your computer files. This solution can handle emergencies for servers and workstations. We are fully experienced and we deploy advanced remote restoring techniques.
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Email Cloud/Backup

Email backup is a vital solution for data which we all know is vulnerable to hacking and hosting failures. As per statistics, there are around 540 million accounts that get hacked every year. But you need not worry. Here at Dossier Grip, we safeguard the data in your email accounts.

Internet Solutions

Tired of poor internet connectivity and browsing speeds? Well, you have a better option now. Now get rid of internet-related issues such as browsing speeds, network connectivity and buffering. Switch on to our network and browse with an all new set of features.

We facilitate data protection by meeting your organizational needs.

Be fast and be productive using Dossier Grip backup solutions.

Why Choose Us?

We are your friends in need. Bank on us for reliable data recovery solutions. Dossier Grip gives you ample reasons to have a go at our services. By analyzing every situation practically and the issues you face in real-time, we work on providing the best state-of-the-art solutions.

Greater access

Better access to all your data at all times. We know how crucial it is for you to have better control over your previously saved files.

Better protection

We aim towards ensuring that the data stays immune to malware attack, local device failure, and natural disasters.

Less downtime

Our services have improved the processing time and facilitated data gathering. In order words, we want to keep it as simple as it can be.

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